Monday, April 14, 2014

Introducing my photos now available at Creative Market

I am SO excited to announce that a collection of my most popular photographs is now available for purchase as digital photo files at Creative Market! That's right... you can buy my photos to use in your own creative ventures! No wonder I'm over the moon (and using way more exclamation points than I should)!

With the launch of their new "Photos" catalog, Creative Market has chosen to be different than typical stock photography sites. I can't say it better than they did in their announcement:
"Photos are such an important part of almost every creative project, yet somehow it's still so difficult to find authentic images among the mass of photos on other stock sites. And with the word 'stock' used to describe the content, it's not surprising most of it looks generic and cookie-cutter, when all you're really after is real photos, of real people, living real lives, taken by real photographers. 
"So beginning today, we're setting out on a journey to bring you photos that authentically tell your story, with the launch of Photos on Creative Market. We're working to build a collection of the most honest, genuine photos from independent photographers with an eye for composition and a passion for their craft, that'll remind you why a picture really is worth a thousand words. 
"As a brand new category, we hope our initial collection saves you time looking for the perfect shot to represent your projects. And as our catalog grows, we'll keep that same commitment to highlighting quality, to make sure it's easy for you to find beautiful photos that are unique to you and don't feel like 'stock'. 
"We've also simplified the purchase process to get you in and out faster, as all photos on Creative Market are sold at their maximum resolution, at a single price point. So once you find the right photo, you won't have to worry about picking the right size and hoping it fits within your budget. Just check out and get back to your project right away. 
"We do things differently because our mission is to do for photographers what we've done for so many other creators - to give them a platform to make a living doing what they love: taking beautiful photos all day. That's why every photo purchased on Creative Market goes to support the photographer who obsessed over the perfect shot, held out for the perfect lighting, or used their years of experience to capture the perfect moment."

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Illustration Inspiration: Vintage 1946 Armstrong flooring print ad

I'm in love with this illustration for so many reasons. The shading is fantastic. The technique used is as well. Wouldn't it be wonderful to see an actual candy store that looked like this?

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Vintage images: 1940s Hospitality and Tourism Art

A few years ago, I was given a collection of travel brochures that had been collected in the 1940s and 1950s by a child who sent for information from each of the 50 United States' travel bureaus. Many of the brochures were still in the envelopes they were originally sent in and were in pristine condition for their age. Of course I was immediately drawn to the graphics on each of them. They were wonderful!

One particular brochure became an instant favorite of mine. It was the brochure encouraging business and tourism travel to New York City. Here's what the original looks like:

Each of those little vignette illustrations is less than an inch high. The details weren't even visible to the naked eye until I scanned it at 600 dpi and enlarged it. Then I realized what precious illustrations they truly were! They are little snapshots of a time gone by in the "Big Apple". I had to figure out how to digitally restore them some how.

It took me several years to finally complete the task of digital restoration to my own liking. Several attempts throughout those years yielded mediocre results that I wasn't completely happy with. It finally took a combination of the Photoshop and the latest version of Adobe Illustrator CC to achieve what I had wanted—clean-edged vector art with transparent backgrounds that could be easily used by other digital creatives. 

I've made them available for purchase in my newly released set "1940s Hospitality and Tourism Art". But not included in the set is the hotel key graphic from the front of the brochure. I'm only making that available here... for free.

Click on the image above to view it at its original large size 
then save it to your computer/device

If you want the above hotel key in PNG file format with a transparent background so it can be easily placed into a digital file, send me an email via my contact button (in my About page) and I'll send it to you.

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Freebie: 1940s boy and girl playing with a toy airplane

I found this darling illustration on a vintage birthday card at my favorite local antique mall. The card was sent to a child on their 7th birthday from Lerner's shoe store on Piedmont Avenue in Oakland, California. It was signed by J.E. Learner. I thought that was quite charming. 

Once I did a hi-res scan of it and got it into my computer, I decided to utilize the power of Photoshop to make a couple of other versions that were more ethnically diverse than the original. 

Click on any image to see the larger version and save it to your computer.

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Friday, January 24, 2014

Vintage Image Set: Antique Silhouettes

I found these period silhouettes on antique sheet music and in an antique music book for children. When I saw them I knew I need to digitally restore them. The original illustrations were small with the grapevine border being printed in turquoise ink on paper that was once white (the turquoise ink was pretty scuffed up too).

All the graphics have a certain "Downton Abbey" quality to them... at least to me they do.

I decided to make them available as either free .jpg files (see below) or as .eps vector files you can purchase for $1.00  by clicking here.

Helpful tip:
Some of you may wonder what the difference is between a .jpg and an .eps vector file. Art that is in vector (.eps) format is infinitely resizable and you will not get a jagged pixelated edge no matter how much you enlarge it. A .jpg looks the same as an .eps file to the naked eye when both are viewed in their original size, but a .jpg will lose quality the bigger it is enlarged from the original size of the graphic.

Click on any image below to enlarge
for the hi-res image

Grapevine Border

Jack in the Box

Jumping Jack

Ice Skating
Happy creating and remember...

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