Saturday, August 9, 2008

Now Showing in Gallery 1

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Mother Nature said...

Congratulations! Your dream come true is a joy to behold.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely display of your creative talent. Morning time is such a beautiful time of the day. Thank you for sharing.

Catherine Holman said...

How exciting! The pictures are breathtaking! I can't wait to see more.

Joanie said...

Cindy, What a wonderful thing to do. I am so glad that you have found a way to exhibit your art. I will come back to this one often. Lovely photos.

Cottage Rose said...

What beautiful photos you truly have a great eye. They are so wonderful. I love you new art gallery. Congratulations. Have a great week.


kitchenditcher said...

You certainly have a talent and lucky for me that you are willing to share so that I can enjoy. And I certainly did! My absolute favorite is the Red Japanese Maple Leaf. I will be back often when I need to calm down and relax.

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