Monday, January 16, 2012

Craft Tutorial: Bride and Bridesmaid Shower Centerpieces

Figures pictured above stand almost 12 inches tall
(finished size depends on size of bottles used)

Make one of these for each table to match the bride and bridesmaids in the wedding party. Then give them away as take-home gifts to the bridesmaids after the shower is over.

Materials needed for each figure:
  • Plastic bottle (I used a fancy shaped squirt bottle from the dollar store)
  • Wide fringe or lace trim
  • Two white pipe cleaners
  • One "silk" rose with stem removed (the dollar store is great for this too)
  • Wide grosgrain (bridesmaid) or satin ribbon (bride)
  • Small silk roses or other flowers for bouquet and headpiece (removed from stem)
  • Small square of tulle (for the bride)
  • Pearl accent trim (for the bride)
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • Optional LED floral lights (any kind at a craft store)
  • Liquid or glass marbles, sand, beads or anything decorative to fill the bottle

Next, download the face and head backs PDF below

Click here to download the free PDF file with the faces for you to color
  • Print the discs on heavy cardstock (WalMart has inexpensive cardstock that runs great through just about any printer)
  • Color each face with the desired skin tone and hair color
  • Color head back disc below each face with the same color as the hair color on the face above
  • Cut out each of the colored discs

If you aren't making lighted centerpieces than hot glue the face disc and head back disc (blank sides together) with the end of the pipe cleaner sandwiched in the middle.

Now add final embellishments like the tulle veil on the bride, flowers as headpieces and/or pearl trim on the veil and edge of base trim.

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