Thursday, July 10, 2014

Vintage 1940 Diamond walnuts advertisement "Why play second fiddle to your mother-in-law?"

Advertisement text:
"Why play second fiddle to your mother-in-law? Her cakes, salads and desserts were never better than these... WHEN WALNUTS HELP YOU
"There! There! Why go into tantrums? When his lordship boasts about those cakes 'that mother used to make,' show your spunk, not your temper. 
"Just make up one of our new 'can't miss' recipes at the left. Set it before him, and in your sweetest tones inquire, 'There, darling, how does that compare with mother's?' 
"You'll win! Just see if you don't. 
"What's more, you don't even need new recipes. Merely turn out some of his special favorites—and add walnuts! It's the winning trick for any salad you know. Desserts, too, and candies—and all sorts of other tempters. 
"Because those crunchy walnut really do put new goodness into any dish. Result: better looks, better taste; and compliments all around. But one more word to the wise: make sure those walnuts are Diamonds—always! They're the pick of the crop." 
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