Wednesday, June 22, 2016

From the clipping files: 1959 Ideal Dog Food advertisement

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Original ad text reads:
"Way ahead of the class... Ideal--the 7-course meal for dogs. Inspected and certified by the U.S. Government. Watch his eyes sparkle... his tail begin to wag. No wonder. It's time for his Ideal 7-Course Meal. Ideal's cooks blend the seven foods your dog needs most for sound growth and development--capture all their clean, wholesome, meaty aroma. Look: How Ideal's 7 courses compare with your menu: 1) Meat animal protein--The same nourishment you get from steaks, chops, roasts; 2) Bone-building minerals--The calcium and phosphorus you find in milk, cheese, eggs; 3) Wheat germ--Vitamins B and E--the same as you get in whole wheat bread; 4) Cod liver oil--The same as you give to children for Vitamins A and D. Dog and cats like it! 5) Carrots--The crisp, nutrition-packed kind you serve at home; 6) Soya grits--Extra rich in the protein you find in those new, expensive cereals; 7) Barley--Used in so many of your favorite soups to provide carboyhydrates and vegetable protein. Your pet expects the best--feed Ideal!"

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