Sunday, June 26, 2016

From the clipping files: 1970s advertisement for Knox for Nails drinking gelatin

Original ad text reads:
Maybe long talons aren't your style. But you do want healthy, beautiful nails that can get a grip on things without splitting. 
Drink new Sugar-free Knox for Nails. New Knox is high on what helps nails stay strong. But low on calories! Dissolves instantly, smoothly. So try it. 3 out of 4 people who do see a difference in just 30 days. 
You'll love the Orange and Grapefruit flavors, fortified with Vitamin C. You'll love the new Plain, too. With no flavor. So use your imagination and stir it in any drink you like! 
Get Knox. Today. It's a great bird to have in hand. 
Send for free booklet. Write "The Knox Plan for Nail Improvement". P.O. box 672, Johnstown, N.Y. 12095

DISCLAIMER: The sharing of the above vintage advertising is for educational and referential purposes only. Copyrights are most likely still held by the original publisher/agency. Use of these images for reproduction and/or derivative works for resale may be illegal and an infringement of the original publisher/agency's copyrights. So, in other words, don't make things with this image. It's illegal; it's wrong; and it could cost you a truckload of money when you get sued.
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