Sunday, June 26, 2016

From the clipping files: 1970s Sankyo Super 8 Sound Movie Camera advertisement

Original ad text reads:

You are going to buy a sound movie camera!

Be sure it's a Sankyo

The new Sankyo Super 8 sound Cameras open up a whole new, exciting world of movie making. The top-rated SL-60S, for instance, lets you zoom from 7.5mm to 45mm. that's 6 times, the longest XL zoom available. And the macro lens can focus right down to 0 centimeters with perfect lip synch sound.

And, like all Sankyo sound cameras, you can shoot indoors without movie lights.

See the XL-60S, with a host of advanced features, wherever good cameras are sold. For more information about Sankyo Sound Cameras and Projectors, mail the coupon below.

Sankyo—the movie people!
Telescopic condensor microphone optional.

Sankyo Seiki (America) Inc.

DISCLAIMER: The sharing of the above vintage advertising is for educational and referential purposes only. Copyrights are most likely still held by the original publisher/agency. Use of these images for reproduction and/or derivative works for resale may be illegal and an infringement of the original publisher/agency's copyrights. So, in other words, don't make things with this image. It's illegal; it's wrong; and it could cost you a truckload of money when you get sued.
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