Saturday, June 25, 2016

From the clipping files: 1973 Pampers diapers advertisement introducing the new concept of disposable diapers

Original ad text reads:
A newborn spends so little time in his mother's arms. And so much time in diapers. So 1,694 hospitals use Pampers. 
Even before he was born—when he was an "elbow" or a "kick" in your tummy—your baby made you feel all sorts of loving, giddy feelings. 
Now that he's born, you're dying to give him a tiny squeeze. But he can't be in your arms all the time you want. Because so much of the time he's in the hospital's hands. So the hospital does lots of little things to make a baby feel loved, wanted, and comfortable, too. 
One of the things is Pampers. Pampers aren't a diaper you wash, so they're always fresh and clean. 
Pampers are diaper and pants in one, so your baby doesn't need plastic pants. There's nothing to bind or chafe his tiny thighs or bottom. 
Pampers are waterproof outside, so they help keep your baby's clothes and crib dry. (This is great help to the hospital and it will be to you, too.) 
Pampers has a Stay-Dry lining. Moisture goes through it and is absorbed below—away from your baby's tender skin. His little bottom stays drier. He stays more comfortable. 
No wonder so many hospitals think Pampers are the best all-around way to diaper babies. 
After you use them, you'll think of Pampers as a little bit of love you can wrap your baby in—when he's not in your arms. 
Pampers. A nice dry place to grow up in.

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