Saturday, June 25, 2016

From the clipping files: 1975 Del Monte Alaska Shrimp advertisement and coupon

Original ad text reads:
Bet you two bits you dan't beat this little shrimp. 
From Alaska's icy waters comes a fantastic shrimp—tiny, pink, sweet and tender. Now Del Monte quick-freezes these tiny little rascals individually—no block to thaw, no shells or waster, nothing to cook. 
Open the bag and shake 'em out to serve—hundreds of tasty little shrimp to the pound. Great for shrimp cocktails, salad, omelettes, hors d'oeuvers. Use them as you need them and keep the unused portion frozen right in the bag. It's like having an icy Alaska inlet right at your door. 
Shrimp Batch: shake thawed Del Monte Alaska Shrimp in a bag with equal amounts of cornstarch and fine cracker crumbs. Fry quickly in hot oil. Serve immediately. Fantastic!

Coupon at bottom of ad is for 25 cents.

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