Thursday, June 23, 2016

From the clipping files: 1980 Buick Limited Edition Regal Somerset advertisement

Original ad text reads:
The Limited Edition Regal Somerset. If there's such a thing as a better looking Regal, this could be it. 
How do you make a very popular Buick even more handsome? Easy. Make it a Regal Somerset. 
Start with the special Somerset Tan and Dark Blue paint scheme. Wire wheel covers. Dual sport mirrors. Matching upholstery. Plus, an instrument panel and steering wheel of brushed aluminum. Even a color-coordinated umbrella and cover stored handily in a special seatback pocket. 
Like other Regals, the new Somerset offers luxury, room for six and economical V-6 power. 
Remember: Compare the boxed estimates to the estimated MPG of other cars. You may get different mileage and range depending on your speed, trip length and weather. Estimated mileage and range will be less in heavy city traffic. Your actual highway mileage and range will probably be less than the highway estimates. Estimated driving range based on EPA-estimated MPG rating and highway estimates. These range estimates are obtained by multiplying Regal Somerset's fuel tank capacity of 18.1 gallons by the EPA and highway estimates. Estimates lower in California. 
Buicks are equipped with GM-built engines supplied by various division. See your dealer for details.

DISCLAIMER: The sharing of the above vintage advertising is for educational and referential purposes only. Copyrights are most likely still held by the original publisher/agency. Use of these images for reproduction and/or derivative works for resale may be illegal and an infringement of the original publisher/agency's copyrights. So, in other words, don't make things with this image. It's illegal; it's wrong; and it could cost you a truckload of money when you get sued.
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