Thursday, June 23, 2016

From the clipping files: 1980s Her Majesty little girls' fashion and Woolite advertisement

The original ad text reads:
There's nothing as pretty as a little girl. Her Majesty. 
Her Majesty has captured the aura of a gentler era, with a new collection that revives the romance of Victorian dressing. There's lacey camisoles, petticoats and pantaloons. It's a lingerie-inspired look that's meant to be seen and sure to be noticed. 
We recommend Woolite cold water wash

DISCLAIMER: The sharing of the above vintage advertising is for educational and referential purposes only. Copyrights are most likely still held by the original publisher/agency. Use of these images for reproduction and/or derivative works for resale may be illegal and an infringement of the original publisher/agency's copyrights. So, in other words, don't make things with this image. It's illegal; it's wrong; and it could cost you a truckload of money when you get sued.
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