Thursday, June 23, 2016

From the clipping files: 1984 Toyota Tercel advertisement

Original ad text reads:
Oh what a feeling! Toyota 
$5098. Pretty easy to take, isn't it? Especially when you realize what a great machine Tercel is. When you begin to dig deep, you see things you'd never expect at this price. You realize you've got a car that's easy in every way. 
Easy to maintain. Easy to steer. Easy to park. Easy to ride in. So easy in fact, it has the roomiest interior of any subcompact.  
The new Tercel is easy to depend on too. Its front-wheel drive has road-grabbing traction to pull you through mud, snow, or even treacherous ice. Its brakes actually warn you when the pads need replacing. Its outstanding mileage—50 estimated highway, 39 EPA estimated MPG—means you'll never get caught with your gas tank down. And its oil only needs changing every 10,000 miles—that's the longest interval in the industry! 
The 1984 Tercel, Toyota's lowest priced car. Easy to own. Easy to love. The only difficult part is believing it costs so little. Oh what a value! Tercel! 
Buckle up—it's a good feeling!

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