Sunday, June 26, 2016

From the clipping files: Cover of May 1970 issue of Woman's Day magazine

I find this cover fascinating because of the featured articles listed. It shows how American women were at a threshold in history for feminism, women's rights, and changing attitudes toward women. One article "How to help a husband realize his dreams" followed by "The new freedoms girls face, in love and in work" followed by "For young cooks: How to stay out of the kitchen" show just how much was in flux in 1970.

Full cover text reads:

Little Fashion Wonders For A Summer-On-The-Go

Woman's Day
May 1970
only 20 cents

How to help a husband realize his dreams

The new freedoms girls face, in love and in work

For young cooks: How to stay out of the kitchen

For unhandy women only: 25 slapdash fix-its that work!

World-famous dishes that save you $$$

How to transform ordinary accessories with decoupage

Special: A guid to wild flowers

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