Sunday, June 26, 2016

From the clipping files: Late 1960s or early 1970s Family Circle article on paper jewelry designs by designer Kathryn Stoll

Original article text reads:
It's instant... it's easy... it's paper jewelry 
And it's yours for the making. Glazed gift-wraps in flash-bright colors, plus rubber cement, are the low-cost basic. Add double-face cellophane tape for sticking power, and you're all set for your paperwork. Designer Kathryn Stoll came up with these crisp twists. She likes her party curls (left) the most because they're both flattering and fun (and hit-of-the-party insurance as well). To get free instructions for making these new-as-now baubles, send a self-addressed business-size envelope, stamped, to Family Circle, Dept. 238, Box 1379, Grand Central Sta., New York, NY 10017 
By Audrey Brown
Creative-Crafts Editor
Inch-wide paper strips backed with shiny color (a second rubber-cemented strip) are the couldn't-be-simpler components of these bold new rings. You'll make them in loop-the-loop time, won't mind tossing them out after a few wearings because a half dozen more are at your fingertips. Create a special look with any of the five designs shown, or do your own takeoffs. 
Photographs by Art Barclay

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